A letter to my congresswoman

I thought I would put up a letter I recently wrote to my congresswoman, Maxine Waters, regarding the recent information that has come to light about torture under the Bush administration.

I am writing you today in regards to the recent information about the torture which has taken place in the name of the American people. The atrocities, a word I do not use lightly, which have taken place *must* be investigated, and this needs to be done in a manner that is as fast and impartial as possible. I believe that there needs to be an investigation done not by Americans but by a international third party such as the UN. This cannot be perceived as a partisan attack against republicans, it is too important, but an investigation and prosecution of this torture must be undertaken. Our country is nothing without the ideals and principals under which it was formed, and this is must be dealt with.

Thank you for your time,
Nicholas Bernstein

If you are not familiar, here is some background information:

to balance it out, here is a video of baby pigs being cute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIWf_hc1_TM

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