A Simple fix to iPhone MMS awfulness

First and foremost, MMS should have been a standard feature in te original iphone release. This is a given. The lack of it is all the worse because it’s such a basic feature, and it requires responding to the inevetable question, “did you get that” with “well, yes, but I have to log into the site and I don’t want to do it on the phone, cause I can’t cut and paste and…” this reminds us that we don’t have cut and paste and how damn annoying that is.

If you haven’t seen it before, when someone sends you a picture message on the iphone you get a message saying, “Someone has sent you a picture, go to www.viewmymessage.com and login with the username and password: blah and blah” The usernames they pick are randomly generated strings of characters and not easy to remember, and really, this is an unacceptable solution.

Fix: Change the message. Instead of a username and password, give a direct link: http://viewmymessage.com?u=xxxxxx?&p=yyyyyyyy same information, slightly different formatting – problem solved.

Dear ATT, this is such a simple simple problem to solve, and one with a lot of visibility. Please fix it.

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