brgr: nyc restaurant review

I landed at JFK at about four. By the time I got to my hotel on 29th St. in Manhattan, it was five thirtyish. After flopping on the bed and taking a shower to wash the travel off, I needed a bite to eat. There’s a decent deli on the corner that sells pizza by the slice, but they were closing up by the time I got there. I remembered seeing a burger place a few blocks away the last time I was here, and it had looked decent, so I headed off in the general direction hoping it was where I remembered.

I got to ‘brgr’ a few minutes later and walked in. The restaurant itself was nice, big (by NY standards) and was clean. The menu was simple enough – burgers, a list of some cheeses and various condiments. I opted for a standard hamburger with pickles and onions. They make the burgers to order, so it took a little bit for my food to arrive, and it was a decent burger, if not quite as spectacular as, say an astro burger, but certainly not terrible although at almost ten dollars for a burger with a small soda, it didn’t quite live up to the price, or the expectations.

The thing that got me though, was the attitude of the help. Anthony, who’s name was on my receipt, was so far from giving a shit it comical. The guy could have been a fricken buddhist monk who had achieved nirvana. It wasn’t even rudeness, not even by New York standards… it was just complete apathy. The same thing was true from the guy who delivered my ‘brgr’ – he didn’t quite “toss” it in front of me, as much as just let gravity do it’s thing. Every now and again I’ll be forced, due to the rigors of travel, to eat at a McDonalds or a Burger King… their employees generally care more, although, admittedly usually look more frightning.

Apparently it’s got some fans but there are also greenolivemedia.blogspot.comsome mixed reviews on citysearch… I guess overall, I’d say if you happen to be walking by and are hungry, it’s probably worth stopping in, but definitely not worth crossing town. My one regret is I noticed after I ordered that they had egg as a condiment, and bacon and and an over easy egg are two great toppings for a burger.

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