Netapp Network testing with iperf3

Here’s an interesting NetApp thing I was playing around with. There’s a command in diag mode: “network test-link”, which is ostensibly to test throughput between nodes. In the man page, it mentions that it is based on iperf3 — Just to see if it would work, installed iperf3 on a linux box, and was able to do a run-test against the linux system’s ip address, and also do a “network test-link start-server” and run a load test from the linux box against the system’s ip address. This is useful because you can use it to isolate network testing from causing i/o on the system and potentially impacting things in the same volume like you would with sio or iometer.

Centos doesn’t have iperf3 by default, but you can add the extra packages for enterprise linux ( and then just do a yum install iperf3 and you’re good to go.

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