Next Week Will be Crazy

Next week I’m doing a custom netapp class for Morgan Stanley, a large investment firm. This would be fun, but we’ve packed a course that takes a week into two days, and it’s in NYC. New York is a city I have a love-hate relationship with. I find NYC cool, but exhausting. It’s not the walking that gets me, it’s the jetlag, and the rudeness. It’s also that people are so much more abrupt than… well, everywhere else. My tolerance for rudeness is a lot less these days. I am now aware that people are nice to strangers most places in the world. The thing that’s going to make next week tough though is, on Wednesday, I’m picking up, packing up after class and then flying to North Carolina. North Carolina is actually growing on me. I met some nice people there, and it’s really wide open and green, but it’s hotter than zeus’ ballsack.

On the upside, good bbq, pizza *and* bagels all in one week!

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