Would you participate in this kind of contest?

I’m thinking, along w/ some people I’m working on a start-up with, of running a contest to help up “train” the back end “artificial intelligence engine” which is used in our software.

Here’s the gist: you would log-in to a website, and be presented w/ an “article” – this would be a blog, website, etc. you would then rate it as positive, negative, & so forth. Anyone who rated 1000 articles in a month (each takes about 1-2 seconds) would be eligible to win a prize, which would either be an xbox 360, or a playstation 3.

So: Three questions:

  • Would you do something like this?
  • Would you be more inclined to do it for an xbox or a ps3
  • If you would not be inclined, what could we change to make you more inclined to do it?

    Thanks so much!

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