More airline strangeness

Me: hi, I was wondering if any upgrades are available, and if so, how much they cost.

Gate agent: oh, next time just have them put you on the list when you check your bag.

Me: oh, I’m a united frequent flyer, not air Canada. I don’t think I can.

Gate agent: oh, sorry, then we can’t put you on the upgrade list.

Me: I actually don’t want to use miles, or standby. I’d like to see how much it would cost.

Gate agent: I’m sorry sir, we can’t do that with united miles.

Me: I want to pay cash. Do you take cash?

Gate agent: no. We don’t take cash.

Wft? I just tried to give a company money and they refused to take it. Is there a more fundamental principal of business? If a customer wants to buy something, and you can provide it, sell it to them.

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