Netapp Instructor Wanted

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that there is an open position for a Netapp Instructor. You should have extensive real-world netapp experience, be personable, funny, able to tell stories and explain complex subjects in a simple manner. People who have worked as PSEs are probably a good fit. The salary is very competitive, but the main benefits are in the flexibility and schedule. You’ll get to travel (I’ve been to places like hong kong on the company dime) and meet lots of people. I generally only work about two weeks / month, but some some instructors work every week. We will happily teach you how to teach, but just to be up-front, the process of becoming an instructor isn’t instant. You’ll have to take each of the course three times (one to audit, one to co-teach, and one supervised-solo), and you’ll have to do this for the fundamentals class, the san, nfs, cifs, data protection and boot camp classes – it can take a while. Once you’re through that however, I can personally attest to the fact that it’s an *amazing* job.

You would be reporting to me, and I’m a pretty darn good boss. 🙂 Well, I am if you like my management style, anyway. Basically all I want is regular reports on how things are going, what help (if any) you need to do your job better, and then I leave you the heck alone. One of the main benefits of this job is you are your own boss, effectively sub-contracting, and we just make sure you’ve got everything you need, make sure your reviews are consistently good, and you’re getting exposed to the new stuff coming down the pipe. There will also be great opportunities to get exposed to all sorts of other technologies too – cisco, vmware, ubuntu linux – it’s really fun to be able to audit a whole range of different courses, and then bring that back to your netapp classes.

If you’re interested, please email me your resume, or a link to it – any standard format is fine. For bonus points, pretend you’re talking to an eight year old, and explain why the sky is blue. Feel free to look it up, but the actual answer should be yours.

Kindest Regards,
Nick Bernstein, Director of Netapp training, ICM
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